In the relatively short time Harry Jarvis has been a professional actor he has managed to build up quite a resumé. It’s full of countless roles he’s played in TV, movies and on the stage. He was “discovered” by an agent when he went on stage at a school play. That’s right, he was still in school. The agent got him jobs right away and he’s been working professionally ever since. He’s had lead roles in most of the productions he’s been in such as, Tim, in the family movie 2Hrs, Lysander in the feature film version of A Midsummer Nights Dream, Spaceship, directed by the experienced and creative Alex Taylor, he played Louis in Loulou, and Dominic in the cult favorite horror movie The Dare, among others.

Harry was nominated for Best Young Actor when he was in the stage show Around The World In 80 Plays, and he was featured in the plays Agamemnon, ‘King John and Titus Andronicus, to name but a few. His solid TV career has included the highly praised six-part series Queens, in which he played Lord Darnley, Wings of Wonder, where he played Hamilton, Dixie had him featured as Ryan, and in Thorne Scaredy Cat he played Young Stuart Nicklin.

Harry is an all round sportsman and musician, he can dance, he plays the guitar and the piano (yes, we were impressed also). He’s an athlete in that he plays soccer to a high level, can ski, ride horse, play tennis and basketball and he is well versed in defence, practicing boxing and martial arts. He’s trained extensively at the National Youth Theatre in London, and had much one on one coaching for accents, (some people say he is a natural mimic, like Meryl Streep), acting technique and acting for the screen.

Harry has done so much in his young career in London, where he is based, that there is speculation as to whether or not he might make the big move to Hollywood to conquer the other side of the world. There is plenty for him to do in the UK, no doubt, and his schedule is full with several projects coming out soon. Maybe when he needs a little more stretching room, so to speak, he’ll hop on a jet and fly over to L.A. to see what Tinsel Town has to offer. We’ll see.